ASTON, Pa. - Sensaphone®, manufacturer of remote monitoring and alarm notification systems, revamped its reseller policy to include incentives and co-op marketing opportunities. The restructured policy comes on the heels of two new product introductions, the Sensaphone 1400 and the Sensaphone 1800 remote monitoring systems.

"Our reseller policy had basically gone unchanged for more than five years," said Bob Douglass, vice president of sales and marketing for Sensaphone. "But the continued innovations in our monitoring technology and the introduction of new products have allowed us to present a much more vibrant reseller program."

Under the new program, all Sensaphone products are available for resale to all authorized Sensaphone resellers. Sensaphone will also provide financial support for designated sales and marketing activity conducted in support of its products, including trade shows, advertising, and printed collateral. The company will offer free online training for all authorized resellers, and a discounted pricing structure based on the reseller's annual Sensaphone sales.

"Our dealer and reseller networks are extremely strong, but the rise of the Internet and breaking down of traditional territory boundaries requires us to keep pace," said Douglass. "The new program helps do that by adding incentives and offering co-op opportunities that benefit the reseller, the end user, and Sensaphone."

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Publication date: 10/02/2006