is an online company that specializes in providing all sizes of pleated, high-efficiency, three-month filters for the HVAC contractor. Filters-NOW stocks 3M Filtrete and Accumulair filters. In addition, Filters-NOW says it offers quick turnaround time on custom size filters for the industry.

Filtrete filters by 3M are available in the Ultra Allergen Reduction (MERV 12) filter, the Micro Allergen (MERV 11) filter, and the Dust and Pollen (MERV 8) filter. The Accumulair filters are also available in three different selections: Accumulair Platinum (MERV 11), Accumulair Gold (MERV 8), and Accumulair Emerald.

Filters-NOW also offers 2- and 4-inch filters along with a wide selection of deep pleated filters, air cleaner filters, and humidifier filters. Visit or call 877-991-0400.

Publication date: 11/04/2002