AC&R Training Institute, Inc., is offering “teach-yourself” CDs for people learning hands-on maintenance skills. The CDs are available to order over the Web site at

AC&R has experience in designing and performing training seminars for maintenance personnel in Fortune 500 companies. According to the company, some of the features of its CDs include:

  • Explanation of complex material in a humorous, easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner;
  • Interactive and animated programs with sound effects and readable-audio text;
  • Original graphics and photos, making the transition to actual equipment easier; and
  • Flexibility for use in individual or classroom instruction.

“It is not possible to reach everyone, and not everyone has the time or money to attend seminars,” said AC&R’s LaDonna Killinger. “After many years of training, we have created two CDs, ‘Practical Electricity for Non-Electricians,’ and ‘Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.’”

Killinger added that the company is in the process of developing two more CDs, “HVAC Controls” and “Schematics.”