Web site www.ultimate-service.net is beginning to take shape, thanks to the efforts of organizer David Holt (The News,Feb. 28, 2000).

Holt said that the Web site continues his “lifelong dream” of assisting companies in delivering “ultimate service” to residential and/or light commercial customers. Holt’s definition of ultimate is “that which cannot be exceeded — the best.

“The first version of ultimate service came back in 1986, when I was developing software for heating and air contractors as president of H2 Solutions,” Holt said. “I recognized the need for a focused approach on customer service that looked through the eyes of our customers to provide the products and services that they needed, wanted, and deserved.”

Holt said that he will be outlining the available products and services in the coming weeks.

You can e-mail David Holt through ultimateservice@mindspring.com.