CHANTILLY, Va. - As building construction becomes lighter and tighter, sound and vibration previously gone unnoticed is more often becoming a nuisance to building occupants. To aid contractors charged with resolving complaints related to sound and vibration, the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA) has published itsHVAC Sound and Vibration Manual, which the association says is an in-depth HVAC-specific guide in the art of sound and vibration measurement and mitigation.

According to SMACNA, the book covers mechanical vibration, acoustical design of mechanical systems, sound generation and attenuations associated with ducts and fittings, mechanical equipment sound and vibration specifications and inspections, plus sound and vibration instrumentation and measurements.

Members may purchase the 222-page HVAC Sound and Vibration Manual at the special member price of $37 for the CD-ROM and $31 for the PDF download.

Architects and engineers may purchase the new publication at the discounted price of $160 for the CD-ROM and $133 for the PDF download. The list price for the CD-ROM is $229 and $191 for the PDF download. (To download the PDF version, a high-speed Internet connection is recommended due to the file's large size.)

To order, call SMACNA's Publications Department at 703-803-2989 or visit

Publication date: 08/01/2005