WATERBORO, ME — The Architectural Skylight Co. has a website for designers and would-be designers who want to plan their own customized skylight. The company’s site,www.e-skylight.com, enables users to design a skylight in seven steps.

Touted by Bricsnet, an e-commerce website for the building trades as its “Website of the Month,” e-skylight is described as “true interactive technology that ultimately results in the user being able to order and purchase the skylight they create.”

Users start by choosing the basic shape of the skylight and specifying dimensions, finish, glass type and tint, frit pattern, and assembly method. The model is displayed on-screen throughout the building process along with written instructions. The final step asks users if they want the skylight to be factory-built or shipped to their location for assembly.

By clicking the “Get Quote” button, users can then get a price quote for the project for future reference or to submit a purchase order on the spot.