TURLOCK, Calif. - In an effort to aid Internet users in organizing and accessing critical and everyday information, Users-Edge.com has devised what it says is an easy way for anyone to store data that is most important to them. Anything from serial numbers and warranty information, user IDs and password hints for online sites, to prescriptions and refill reminders can be stored, says the company.

According to Users-Edge, "Up until now, users had no method to create their own online ‘organizers' other than subscribing to multiple Web services and, even then, these solutions are not always available. This haphazard approach has disappointed many Internet users who have found that they have purchased the wrong solution.

"For example, if you were at next year's Mardi Gras and were mugged late at night, how soon could you get your credit card, car VIN, and medication refill information? With Users-edge.com it would take about as long as it would take to find an Internet connection and pencil or printer."

Users-Edge allows for creating and editing personalized Web-based Organizers. Dan Miner, president of Users-Edge.com, said that his company's Organizers are easy to use and require no download whatsoever.

"It's amazing to see how flexible and easy to use this service is," said Miner. "You can select from over two dozen pre-made Organizers and with literally two clicks of the mouse be in Edit Mode and immediately start typing or pasting your data." Advanced features include categorizing Organizers into folders, sharing Organizers with other users, and an integrated reminder feature that is built into every Organizer.

Miner sated, "We have revolutionized the way to keep information on the Internet in a personalized, secure, and convenient manner, which seems to be otherwise nonexistent on the Internet today. The program even comes with 100 megabytes of e-mail storage with a cost of less than $2 a month."

A free trial is available through the company's Web site at www.users-edge.com.

Publication date: 11/22/2004