CHINA - The Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory, located in the Danfoss Wuqing Factory, China, was formally launched in early April 2007. The company invested approximately $3.9 million to build the 2,000-square-meter laboratory that will be jointly managed by the Automatic Control Department and the Compressor Department of Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Division. According to the company, the technology level of the new lab is on par with and even more advanced in some respects than Danfoss’ other laboratories in Europe and America. Its objectives are to provide comprehensive technical service to clients in the Asia Pacific region and around the globe, including technical support, products application testing, and quality tracking. It will also be dedicated to product design and development focusing on Asian and Pacific markets.

The Wuqing laboratory can conduct a full range of testing including the enthalpy differential test, TXV thermal expansion valve test, compressor capacity test, compressor reliability test, moisture test, electric machinery locked rotor test, and relevant accessorial tests. The project staffs now are mainly focusing on expanding capacities of current testing technologies and building up new testing technologies, including a noise vibrancy test workshop, a pressure fatigue test platform, and a parallel connection units testing platform. All of the above should be completed within one year.

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Publication date:05/14/2007