FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio - Torque Transmission, a manufacturer of fractional horsepower drive components, recently unveiled its newly revised commercial Website at www.torquetrans.com.

"Our customers will benefit from the new site by easier and faster access to technical information," said John Rampe, Torque Transmission's president. "The new Torque Transmission site also offers more intuitive and faster navigation than before and includes a wide variety of new products and application-specific product information."

The home page features the latest news and a brief history about Torque Transmission. From there visitors can quickly access various product areas of the site including: pulleys, ball thrust bearings, right angle gear boxes, and sprockets. The site includes a "Contact Us" page as well for two-way communication with Torque Transmission application specialists. A news page also houses current and archived Torque Transmission news items.

The company's library of Torque Topics application notes are available on the site and may be viewed or downloaded in PDF format.

Publication date: 07/03/2006