UBuildIt (www.ubuildit.com) has announced that it is partnering with builders and remodelers. Ubuildit has set up a series of seminars to explain how builders and remodelers can become UBuildIt franchise owners.

The company asks if contractors/designers are getting paid for:

  • Reviewing someone's property?

  • Giving input on a building design?

  • Preparing specifications?

  • Creating detailed estimates?

    The free seminars are said to include the following:

    1. How to increase cash flow.

    2. How to identify and capture a large, virtually untapped market.

    3. How to get paid for estimating, design input, and site review.

    4. How to market information.

    For more information call 800-992-4357, ext. 300, or e-mail franchiseinfo@ubuildit.com.

    Publication date: 03/10/2003