The UBuildIt Construction Consulting System ( has announced free residential construction consulting seminars in three U.S. locations.

According to a company press release, the seminar will “give your company the advantage in your local market.”

It asks, “Are you getting paid for:

  • Reviewing someone's property?

  • Giving input on a building design?

  • Preparing specifications?

  • Creating detailed estimates?”

    UBuildit believes that contractors should be paid for these consulting services and wants to help attendees learn:

  • How to increase your cash flow.

  • How to get paid for your estimating, design input, and site review.

  • How to identify and capture what it says is a huge, virtually untapped market.

  • How to market information.

    The free seminars are scheduled for January 16 in Houston; February 20 in Columbus, Ohio; and March 20 in Phoenix. The company added, “This will be the prime opportunity for you to consider a rewarding partnership with UBuildIt. Only a limited number of locations are available in each market.

    “We will present an overview of the UBuildIt Construction Consulting System. You will learn all about our system and how simply it can fit into the framework of your business.”

    For a more information, visit the website or call 800-992-4357, ext. 300.

    Publication date: 01/06/2003