BizMat Inc. has announced that a switch from direct sales to development of a distribution network has “dramatically increased” exposure and resulting Web sales. Since the program's launch in December 2002, BizMat has partnered with six resellers.

“Our revamped partner strategy has resulted in inquiries from companies of all sizes. We have solutions for large manufacturers all the way down to a small Internet pioneer,” said J. Braitman, president, BizMat.

Jason Plotkin, channel marketing manager, is currently reviewing over 100 candidates for partnership. Plotkin is focusing on e-commerce sites with established brand identity in the target industries.

According to BizMat, its business products are industry-specific, interactive products, delivered over the Web. To maintain the reseller's brand-identity, BizMat hosts a Web site for product delivery for each reseller with the reseller's look and feel.

Plotkin stated the customized site “avoids the branding pitfalls of a co-branded site; the site retains the look and feel of the reseller's site including navigation. Most visitors will never realize that they have left the reseller's site.”

To capitalize on growth, BizMat has developed a merchant partner program to offer third-party products through its resellers. Third-party products will focus on more traditional business tools, such as software, books, and business forms. This will allow a merchant partner site to offer a complete suite of business products geared toward its visitors almost overnight, the company said.

Publication date: 03/24/2003