Big Ass Fans, manufacturer of 8- to 24-foot fans for high-ceiling commercial and industrial buildings, has a feature at its Web site ( that includes some of the feedback received regarding the company’s marketing efforts.

The comments — positive and negative — show the interest that this company with a unique name has generated.

For example, here are two excerpts reflecting the positive and negative remarks:

  • “Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your site. As an advertising copywriter, I think your name is hilarious and a marketing coup. I am thinking about buying some merchandise and I don't even really know what your product is used for.”

  • “Call me a prude if you like but I think it would be appropriate for your company to find another catch phrase besides ‘Big Ass’ to draw attention to your company. I, like most parents, don't approve of my children using language like that, so I don't feel we as business leaders should either.”

    Publication date: 06/16/2003