DALLAS - The OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) oBIX (Open Building Information Exchange) committee announced that it has accomplished a successful multi-vendor demonstration of the draft version of the standard.

At the annual BuilConn conference held in Dallas, a one-day track dedicated to oBIX - the proposed Web services standard for facility management - demonstrated typical corporate applications interfaced with various building systems. Devices from Tridium, Trane, Plexus, and Gridlogix were featured in the oBIX demonstration.

Technical committee lead Aaron Hanson stated that he expects the initial version of the standard to be released for public review later this spring.

The oBIX standard is an effort to create a Web services guideline to facilitate the exchange of information between intelligent buildings, enable enterprise application integration, and provide true systems integration. For more information, visit www.obix.org.

Publication date: 04/04/2005