DEARBORN, Mich. - Amerigon Inc. has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, BSST LLC, signed an agreement with Carrier Corp., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., and United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), the central research unit of United Technologies (collectively Carrier-UTRC), to explore the application of thermoelectrics to HVACR systems for residential, commercial, and aerospace applications.

Under the terms of the development agreement, Carrier-UTRC will apply the high-efficiency thermoelectric device (TED) technology developed by BSST to its own capabilities in residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems, commercial drying and cooking devices, and aerospace systems.

Amerigon's chairman Oscar (Bud) Marx said that TED-based systems could substantially improve the efficiency, cost, and deployment capability of residential, commercial, and aerospace HVACR systems over the next decade. "Combining the strengths of the two companies, we are building on BSST's proprietary TED technology and Carrier-UTRC's HVAC and aerospace systems capabilities, industry-leading position, and worldwide customer base," Marx said. "Working together, we believe we can provide the platform to develop a broad and exciting group of TED-based products."

BSST's TED technology is being developed under the direction of its president, Dr. Lon E. Bell, Ph.D., who said, "BSST has developed breakthrough technology that doubles the efficiency of TED-based products for air conditioning and heating. We are continuing to advance this technology."

Bell added, "Combining these advances with emerging high-efficiency thermoelectric materials that complement our technology should lead to further significant performance improvements, cost reduction, and size reduction of TEDs. This combination will dramatically expand TED-based opportunities, not only in commercial and residential heating and cooling, but also in many other areas, including medical, personal comfort, defense, electronics, and communications."

Publication date: 09/27/2004