RICHMOND, Va. - Tridium Inc. has announced the addition of two major manufacturers to its roster of Niagara Appliance partners. The latest manufacturers to adopt the Niagara Framework for connecting diverse smart devices are Lochinvar, a manufacturer of boilers and water heaters, and The Watt Stopper, a manufacturer of automated lighting and power control products.

"Remote devices are becoming ubiquitous throughout the economy," said John Petze, president and CEO of Tridium. "By embracing the Niagara standard, manufacturers of diverse products from lighting controls to boilers and HVAC systems ensure that they all work well with each other for the benefit of the ultimate customer, the building owner intent upon managing costs."

Lochinvar and The Watt Stopper join other leading manufacturers in adopting the Niagara Framework, including McQuay International and Square D.

"The Niagara appliance concept allowed the Watt Stopper to fill a void in our product line very quickly and with little effort on our part," said Pete Baselici, market segment manager for building automation/retail accounts at The Watt Stopper.

"Partnering with Tridium allows Lochinvar to simplify the integration of our products into a building management system, therefore making them more flexible in installation and satisfying our customers needs," said Mike Lahti, vice president of sales for Lochinvar.

"Niagara Appliances give manufacturers the ability to provide their customers with products that connect to the other systems and applications at the heart of today's enterprises," Petze said. "Working together, we deliver new products quicker and reduce the traditional development costs of next-generation products, Internet-enabled products, and services."

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Publication date: 02/14/2005