CHICAGO - ITT Corp.’s Bell & Gossett unit donated a B&G Series VSC, double-suction, vertical split-case pump to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL) for use in its construction management classes.

Tim Wentz, the department’s associate professor who approaches teaching with a hands-on method, plans to utilize the cut-away VSC pump in teaching his students about the functionality and role of pumps for various applications.

“It’s one thing to read in a book about how pumps work, but it’s another thing to actually install one and experience how it operates,” said Wentz. “The Bell & Gossett VSC demo unit has a cutaway volute to show its inner components such as the impeller and shaft.”

Verne Simmonds Co., a B&G representative in Nebraska, has been working with Wentz and UNL for some time and has provided several pieces of equipment to the school over the years. When Dan Holtmeyer, principal at Verne Simmonds, heard that UNL was looking for a large split case pump, he immediately contacted B&G.

“The school has an excellent reputation for not only providing an outstanding HVAC education, but they also give back to the community,” said Holtmeyer.

Each semester, Wentz uses his construction management courses to improve community buildings in the campus area.

“I incorporate a ‘service learning’ component,” said Wentz. “We find buildings with significant mechanical problems and spend the semester addressing the problems.” Past projects have included doing rehab work on churches and rehabilitation centers.

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Publication date:04/16/2007