BEIJING — The first China Stratospheric Ozone Layer Protection Awards have been presented at a ceremony marking the ninth World Ozone Protection Day. Carrier Corporation and the State Environmental Protection Administration of China (SEPA) gave the awards jointly to organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to China’s ozone protection efforts.

Xie Zhenhua, Minister, SEPA, and other senior Chinese officials presented six Gold Awards and one Special Gold Award at a ceremony attended by more than 200 guests at the Great Hall of the People.

Wang Yangzu, former Deputy Director General of SEPA, received the Special Gold Award for his contributions as the leader of the Chinese delegation’s participation in nine international conferences, actively pioneering a new method of international cooperation by combining the international treaty and the use of funds derived from the Multi-Lateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol, a special fund created by the United Nations to financially support the phaseout of ozone depleting substances (ODS) in developing nations.

Recipients of the Gold Award include: the Foam Replacement Project team, for its new model of industry reconstruction; Tang Xiaoyan, professor at Beijing University, who as one of the first professors involved in China’s environmental protection study, led the effort to shape the State Scheme of Ozone Layer Protection and participated in mapping out all nine of the current industry schemes; Sun Lun, former director general of the Firefighting Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, for formulating the first ozone layer protection plan for Chinese industry and ratifying some 20 related criteria; the China Electronic Home Appliances Association for its work in promoting ozone protection; and Qingdao Aucma Co., Ltd., a large-scale corporation that is using ODS alternatives in refrigerators and freezers.

“This awards program demonstrates China’s leadership and commitment to protecting our ozone layer,” said John Mandyck, Carrier vice president for Government & International Relations. “Ozone protection remains a critical issue for our planet, and that is why Carrier is proud to partner with SEPA for this important initiative.”

In addition, Carrier China Operations was presented with an Initiation Award for its cooperative efforts with SEPA in establishing the program. The award program was created earlier this year to promote protection of the ozone layer, reduce discharge of ozone-depleting substances, and promote the use of non-ozone depleting alternatives by awarding organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to ozone layer protection. The award is hosted by SEPA, and supported by the International Economic Cooperation Office of SEPA. Carrier Corporation has committed a three-year sponsorship to provide financial support.

Publication date: 09/15/2003