WASHINGTON, DC — The Occupational, Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has unveiled a new product designed to save worker’s lives and prevent heat stroke. Information on the “Heat Stress Card” can be found atwww.osha.org.

According to a May, 28, 2002 OSHA press release:

“Working in hot environments can be dangerous, but taking simple precautions can prevent many heat-related deaths and injuries. Workers in industries such as laundries, foundries, bakeries, and construction projects face conditions that make them especially vulnerable to safety and health hazards. Higher summer temperatures increase those risks.

“The combination of heat, humidity, and physical labor can lead to fatalities. In 2000, 21 workers died and 2,554 others experienced heat-related occupational injuries and illnesses serious enough to miss work. Additional illnesses may be under-reported if workers and employers are not familiar with the warning signs.

“We want to help employers and workers learn how to reduce illnesses and fatalities related to heat,” said John Henshaw, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health. “Education and training can save lives.

“The two most serious forms of heat-related illnesses are heat exhaustion (primarily from dehydration) and heat stroke, which could be fatal. Signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke need immediate attention. Recognizing those signs — dizziness; nausea; weakness; dry, pale skin or hot, red skin; seizures; mood changes — and taking quick action, can make a difference in preventing a fatality.

“OSHA’s Heat Stress Card lists tips and precautions that can prevent many heat-related deaths and injuries. Available in English and Spanish, this laminated fold-up card is free to employers to distribute to their workers. It offers a quick reference about heat-related injuries, including warning signs, symptoms, and early treatment.”

Publication date: 06/03/2002