CARLSBAD, Calif. — Onsite Energy Corporation announced that it has signed contracts totaling approximately $575,000 with two cold storage and food processing facilities to implement projects focusing on electricity demand reductions and energy cost savings.

Onsite signed a contract for approximately $433,000 with Bonita Packing Company Inc. (Bonipak), a fresh vegetable pack producer in Santa Maria, Calif., for a project that includes a facility demand controls system, lighting controls, variable frequency drives on pressure cooling tunnel fans, and Onsite's INSITE real-time energy monitoring system. Onsite estimates that Bonipak will save approximately 550 kW in peak demand and 700,000 kWh annually for a total of approximately $114,000 in utility cost savings. Onsite also is administering approximately $150,000 in combined incentives from its Agricultural Peak Load Reduction Contract with the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the Standard Performance Contract Program from Pacific Gas & Electric Company.

"We see immediate value in the projects that Onsite offered to us," commented Joe Prandini, general manager of Bonipak. "In addition, Onsite's experience with food processors and willingness to guarantee incentives and savings helped us make the decision to go forward with these projects on an operational and economic basis."

Onsite also signed a contract for approximately $142,000 with existing customer Del Mar Food Products Corporation (Del Mar Foods), a custom packer of frozen foods and vegetables in Watsonville, Calif., for a facility demand controls system. The system, similar to the one being installed at Bonipak, is designed to control peak demand at Del Mar Foods' Watsonville facility and is estimated to reduce demand charges by a significant amount through peak demand reductions of about 400 kW. Onsite also is bringing approximately $60,000 in incentives to the project from its Agricultural Peak Reduction Contract with the CEC.

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Publication date: 07/14/2003