NORMAN, Okla. - Luxaire® Heating and Air Conditioning has announced the launch of a new Web site to provide trade customers with details about the new Acclimate® line of central air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces. Available at, the site is designed to supplement other Acclimate marketing communications.

"Our new Acclimate ads are positioned around the idea of ‘What Dealers Want, Dealers Get,'" said Doug Widenmann, Luxaire brand marketing director. "While they highlight various aspects of the new product line such as aesthetics, innovative technology, and serviceability, the Acclimate Web site affords us the opportunity to describe the line more comprehensively - how we developed the Acclimate series, what products are available, and the role these products play in Luxaire's overall product mix."

The site tells the development story of the Acclimate series, from concept and design to manufacturing and marketing. Product information includes features and benefits of specific Acclimate units. The new site also invites contractors to become an Acclimate dealer and links visitors to the Luxaire Web site.

A "Dealer Wants" page identifies the design features, while a "Customer Wants" page looks at those product features designed to appeal to consumers, including style, low sound levels, efficiency, and reliability.

"As new Acclimate products become available, the Acclimate Web site will expand to include new tools and interactive functions to assist dealers as they sell, install, and service the Acclimate line, and to inform consumers as they consider purchasing decisions," said Widenmann.

"At Luxaire, we realize dealers and consumers are going to the Internet in greater numbers to educate themselves and support their business and purchasing decisions," Widenmann said. "We want to assist them by providing them with information on Acclimate home comfort systems and how these new systems fit into their product mix and their homes."

Luxaire is a brand marketed by the York Unitary Products Group of York International. For more information about Luxaire, visit

Publication date: 08/09/2004