Oil Tech Talk (www.oiltechtalk.com) is getting a “new look” according to the Web site creator, Alan Mercurio. He recently spoke withThe Newsabout the changes.

“What is going to happen is the discussion board is going to be placed in a frame on my new home page, and then a lot of the other things that are here now will go on to dedicated pages within the frame,” said Mercurio. “That way, users will not have scroll the night away just to get to the discussions.

“Also around that frame on the new home page I will be offering advertising space to manufacturers within the heating industry. These will not be pop-ups — they will be stationary billboards.

“Users can visit an online store where they will be able to purchases items like books and tools from Oil Tech Talk. Users will also be able to access the upcoming seminars area where I offer online registration.”

Mercurio said he will be adding a “Just for Techs” Web site which can be accessed through Oil Tech Talk.

“All these things needed to be done so Oil Tech Talk’s business can continue to grow,” he added.

Publication date: 08/18/2003