MILWAUKEE - President George W. Bush visited the headquarters of Johnson Controls Inc. to raise public awareness of the need for America's energy independence and to highlight some of the latest technology advances in energy efficiency.

President Bush toured the company's Battery Technology Center, where advanced lithium-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are being developed. Company executives also briefed the president on Johnson Controls' building efficiency systems designed to enable energy savings in commercial buildings and homes. Following the tour, the President delivered an hour-long speech on his Advanced Energy Initiative, introduced in his January 31 State of the Union message, in which he called for reducing the nation's dependence on foreign sources of energy.

"Johnson Controls has been on the cutting-edge of technology for more than a century. The people who work here are on the leading edge of change," said the president.

"It's an honor to host President Bush, and we applaud his work to develop an energy policy for America that emphasizes energy efficiency initiatives as well as important supply-side issues," said John M. Barth, Johnson Controls chairman and CEO. "We are proud that Johnson Controls is at the forefront of technology that enables more energy-efficient cars and buildings, and helps to make America more competitive in the global marketplace."

Publication date: 02/20/2006