SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - The Maxitrol Company has announced the launch of its new Web site at The site provides information on regulator sizing, regulator selection, and how to follow the line pressure standard for 2 psi and 5 psi piping systems. According to the company, the site was specifically created to help HVAC installers, plumbing installers, and utility professionals.

The site contains general 325 line pressure regulator information such as maximum inlet pressure, emergency exposure limits, and outlet pressure ranges, and it also touches on some often misunderstood codes and standards regarding venting, vent limiters, and the use of overpressure protection devices.

"Our technical service people probably get more questions about venting than any other subject," said John McHale, Maxitrol's vice president of Wholesale Distribution and Utilities. "Our new site puts into plain English exactly what needs to be done, whatever their venting question may be. Can I use a vent limiter? Do I need to vent to an outside safe area? I see becoming a valuable tool for our customers."

"It's a comprehensive site," added Dominic Asta, Maxitrol's vice president of Customer and Sales Administration. "Unlike a lot of company Web sites, does not focus solely on Maxitrol products, in this case 325 line pressure regulators. It does, of course, contain information on our 325s, but it offers much more.

"It reviews 2 psi and 5 psi as complete piping systems, according to the line pressure standard. It also offers helpful tips, installation illustrations, and general information such as conversion factors, pressure equivalents, and terminology."

Access to can be requested by e-mailing Maxitrol Company at or by contacting a Maxitrol sales representative.

Maxitrol manufactures gas control components with divisions in Texas and Germany. Additional information on Maxitrol and affiliate Mertik Maxitrol is available at and, respectively.

Publication date: 09/06/2004