LAKE DALLAS, Texas — HVAC Agent has evaluated and submitted over 100,000 potential job applicants during the past 12 months, which the company calls “a major milestone for this rapidly growing recruiting network.”

HVAC Agent reviews each potential job applicant, comparing his or her background, experience, education, etc., to what each employer needs.

“Rather than posting a job on the Internet or placing an ad in the newspaper and being overwhelmed with completely unqualified applicants, we feel it’s our responsibility to filter out the people who clearly can not do the job,” HVAC Agent’s president, Michael Mayberry, commented. “It saves our members hours of wasted time. Time that they can spend taking care of their customers and growing their business.”

Founded in 2001, HVAC Agent now has a nationwide membership of over 850 HVACR companies, representing over 1,400 available jobs in the industry.

HVAC Agent operates like a co-op, rather than a career site or recruiting/staffing firm. The company doesn’t charge fees to post a job or for each person hired. Each member company contributes monthly membership dues to be a part of the network.

HVAC Agent says it helps members pool their resources to increase results while significantly reducing their employment advertising costs. Although the Internet is an important recruiting strategy, it’s just one of many available to employers. HVAC Agent “leverages both Internet and non-Internet based recruiting strategies to locate the most qualified HVACR professionals for each available job,” noted Mayberry.

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Publication date: 08/11/2003