SAN JOSE, Calif. - LonMark Americas has published a Facility Automation System Master Specification designed to aid in writing specifications for LonMark® open systems. The specification is available for download at no cost from the LonMark Americas Web site.

Traditional specifications are not designed to deal with multi-vendor solutions using common network architecture and off-the-shelf tools, says LonMark. As a leading proponent of open systems, LonMark Americas is providing this no-cost resource to help produce specifications that ensure customers receive open, interoperable systems.

A true open system will allow the system to seamlessly connect elements of a building together regardless of the subsystem. This approach supports direct connectivity between individual elements of HVAC, lighting, security, access control, life safety, energy meters, generator sets, and other devices into the same network without the need for expensive gateways and protocol converters. This open architecture enables buyers to purchase products from their vendors of choice, with all products, subsystems, and systems interacting as one through a single user interface. All elements of the system are open, interoperable and in many cases interchangeable. This includes devices and controllers, system installation and configuration tools, as well as the management interface.

"Over the past year a team of committed volunteers has spent countless hours working to evaluate and create the tools needed to make the process of specifying, enforcing, and implementing an open system easier," said Ron Bernstein, vice chairman of LonMark Americas. "Anyone reading this specification will notice that there are no products, manufacturers, or recommended suppliers listed. This specification exemplifies the true mission of LonMark, facilitating the opportunity for everyone to work together to create solutions for the common good. LonMark offers choices: choices in vendors, in products, in integrators, and in service after the sale. A good open specification, such as the one published by LonMark Americas takes advantage of this."

The Facility Automation System Master Specification is designed to be modified where necessary for specific projects. The document is available in original MS Word format so that it can be easily edited or extracted into other documents. To obtain a copy of the specification, visit the LonMark Americas Web site at and click on the Resources tab.

Publication date: 01/09/2006