WASHINGTON, DC — In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, Jan. 29, President George W. Bush declared that “The state of our union has never been stronger.”

The president discussed what he called “three great goals,” which include winning the war on terrorism, ensuring homeland security, and reviving the economy. Bush noted that many threats still exist to the United States. There are still “thousands of dangerous killers spread throughout the world.” In Afghanistan, “We have found diagrams of American nuclear power plants.” He noted that “the price of indifference” would be catastrophic.

Bioterrorism was mentioned as a key element of the president’s homeland security budget. The “knowledge gained from bioterrorism research will improve public health.”

Finally, Bush focused on economic security for the American people. For those out of work, he supported extended unemployment benefits and direct assistance for health care coverage. “My economic security plan can be summed up in one word — jobs.”

He talked about the need for “reliable and affordable energy,” and that the country needs to act to make America less dependent on foreign oil.

And he challenged Congress, “Let’s pass a stimulus package.”

In his concluding thoughts on the fight on terrorism, the president said, “The forces of terror cannot stop the momentum of freedom.”

Publication date: 01/30/2002