Julian Scadden
Julian Scadden

As an HVAC manager, you are responsible for yourself as well as others. It’s common to feel strained by the daily demands of your position.

Here are a few strategies to ensure you are busy being productive and not just busy:

• Define your primary responsibility. Is it call center staffing? Driving installation sales? Filling the service call board? It may help to list your duties then rank them in order of importance. Refer to the list to reaffirm what should be the most important action when multiple demands are fighting for your time.

• Avoid distractions from the “busy” zone. Find ways to empower others and identify which duties can be delegated.

• Don’t overanalyze. Track the most important data and make the best decisions you can with the information you have at that time.

• Know your priorities and take action.

At the end of every day, you can gauge your productivity as a manager by asking yourself two very different questions: “Have I done enough?” and “Have I done what I should have?” There will always be more to do, but you’ll rest easy if you accomplish what you should have.

Have you successfully limited busywork in your HVAC shop? Please share how in the comment section below.