Julian Scadden
Julian Scadden

In professional business training there is a concept that is important to consider: You are responsible for all of your outcomes for everything you do in life. This concept applies to everyone in a training situation — you the trainer, you the coach, and of course you the participant.

• As a trainer, ask yourself these things:

- Are you allowing space in your training for attendees to share questions and concerns?

- Are you checking in with them to ensure they understand the step you are presenting before moving on to the next step?

- Have you considered the different learning styles to flex your delivery for attendees?

• As a coach, make sure you are involved before and after training:

- Set clear expectations for the performance you expect from an attendee as a result of the training.

- Gather specific action items from the attendee and hold them accountable.

• As a participant, you choose your reaction to the training. This includes what you embrace during training as well as what you will or won’t apply when you’re back to work.

Whenever you are wearing any of these hats ask yourself if you are truly committed and present in the moment to teach, coach, or learn. If so, will you listen objectively and act accordingly? The choice is yours!

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