How many times have you looked at one of your top performing employees and think, “If I could just hire one more person like him we’d be knocking it out of the park!” So let’s talk about how you can start to find more great employees.

Take a moment and reflect on how you got that employee. Was it a referral, luck, family? Now look at that person’s values and characteristics and define them. Find out what she thinks about you:

• Ask her why she likes working for you.

• Ask her what a potential employee would find outstanding about your shop.

Once you have gathered this information, start including it in your recruiting ads.

Then go one step further. Once you’ve attracted more top performers, ask yourself, “Does my business run in a fashion that will keep these people at my shop?” Share with them what you are doing in your business that would align with any quality employee. Just make sure it’s true to you. If you are numbers driven, make that clear from the start. If you are family-oriented, share that with potential candidates.

Remember, you don’t need everyone in your group to think and act the same way, but the company benefits most when everyone agrees on the end result.

What makes you the company of choice? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.