Loyalty And Trust Are The Keys To Success

Regarding John R. Hall’s Jan. 21 column, “Finding The Squeaky-Clean Field Technician,” I believe in a second chance for anyone who has the skills and is willing to give up his/her habit.

What about the elderly?

I hired a man, Charles Gardner, 50 years of age, no hvac background, making $3.00/hr at a local mall in maintenance. Why? He was reliable and willing to learn. He worked with me for 25 years (1966-1991) without missing a day. This included emergency calls on weekends and holidays.

My company policy was birthdays off with pay. Charles worked and was paid double time, and the same with vacations. He worked and I paid him double time. He had all his teeth pulled one night and came to work the next day! He was paid above scale and received a $2,000 bonus at Christmas for his loyalty.

At his retirement party, I presented him with a $215,000 check and my thanks for his dedication.

The message here is to treat your men with respect, overlook minor errors, and trust them, because your success is directly proportional to your loyalty to them.

Me? I will probably die with pressure gauges in my hand and a smile on my face.

John C. Schaub, Schaub Consulting, Medford, NJ

Publication date: 02/11/2002