News & Views from a certain hvacr reporter…

Aarrgh! Another typo! Where is my correction tape? Oh no, I just put a big fingerprint on the original with that white stuff and now there’s a finger impression on the carbon copy below. Why can’t somebody invent a typewriter that corrects itself?

Hmm, let’s see what’s in the news today.

Oh, here’s a story about the new smoke detectors. It says that consumer demand for smoke detectors is high but at least one manufacturer is moving “conservatively” in the market due to vague codes. However, the manufacturer goes on to state that there is “tremendous potential in that market.” Note to self: I don’t think detectors will catch on — the old “sniffer” is still the best way to detect a fire.

Gee, I heard the movie that came out two months ago, Godfather Part II, was pretty good. I doubt it. Sequels usually don’t do too well. I think they should have stopped with the first movie. Who’s this Al Pacino guy anyway? Note to self: Probably a flash in the pan.

Looks like Tom Mahoney is at it again. He is bemoaning the fact that an industrial sales call now costs $66.68. Can you imagine? A salesman’s salary, commission, travel, and entertainment expenses cost that much? What is this world coming to?

Wow, here’s a story about something called a “mini-split” system. It works like a room air conditioner. An outdoor compressor-condenser section is connected to an in evaporator-blower section by refrigerant-electrical-condensate lines which pass through a 2 1/2-in. hole. Note to self: It’ll never catch on.

There’s some talk about a boxing heavyweight title fight between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in Manilla? Note to self: That will never fly. They need to stage it in Vegas. The next thing you know they’ll give it some catchy name like “Thrilla in Manilla.” Yeah, right.

I see the editors are getting the readers ready for this push to the metric system. It sounds like a great idea. I think it will catch on in a hurry. “It’s inevitable,” says my editor.

Now this makes sense. With the oil crisis getting worse, it looks like the demand for electric heating in rooftop units is increasing. Manu-facturers are noting an increased demand for factory-installed electric heating. I’ll have to keep on eye on this fast-growing trend. Here’s one way of hitting those oil-producing nations in their pocketbook.

It’ll be a cold day in hell when we see gas prices up around $1.50 a gallon.

Of course, why should I worry? We’ll all be driving electric cars by 2000 and there won’t be any need for fuel oil. Electric is our future.

It says here that 16,500 people attended the ASHRAE Show in Atlantic City. That’s a pretty good turnout. Note to self: It’s hard to imagine these shows getting much bigger.

I hope President Ford decides to run again. I think he’s getting a bum rap over this Nixon pardon thing. I don’t see any Democrats that have a chance to beat him.

Well, looks like I just got a delivery of more correction tape. Gee, those office secretaries do great jobs. What would we ever do without them?

The moral to this story? Answer: I’m sure glad I wasn’t in the crystal ball business!!

Yes, a lot has changed in 25 years.