I’d like to think we are saving the best for last. (Humble statement, huh?)

Seriously, from here on out we plan to publish our “Views and Opinions” on this page, the page opposite the inside back cover. We believe this is a prime spot to print our editorial thoughts for the week, a place you can turn to immediately.

This move is all part of The News’ overall redesign, and this means both graphically and editorially.

New look

In regard to the former, a team of art directors at Business News Publishing worked on this publication’s graphic makeover for more than two months. Their goal (and the publisher’s direction) was to upgradeThe News,to give it a more modern and pleasing look.

In our estimation, it is mission accomplished.


  • Bigger photos and more artwork;
  • A more crisp and spacious layout;
  • Topic identifiers, located at the top of most pages (as this is designed to let the reader know the subject matter that is being printed on that page); and
  • An overall “user friendly” appeal. (No, this is not your father’s News. Call it b-e-t-t-e-r.)

I’d like to think The News’ physical appearance is “with the times.” On top of this, we now have a new art director, Cathy Schmitz, who was part of the graphic redesign team. Look for more eye-pleasing designs from here on out.

More substance

There’s no doubt that this publication “looks different.” But looks aren’t everything. There’s more substance, too.

Ever since taking over the position of Editor-in-Chief for The News, I wondered if we were really providing what our contractor-subscribers wanted. It’s why I initiated a long overdue reader survey, asking specific questions to see if we were on the right editorial road.

Based on the overwhelming response, it is good to know that we are providing what you want to read. However, our survey also indicated that contractor-subscribers wanted more coverage on:

  • Business management;
  • Training and education;
  • News and legislation/regulations;
  • New products and new technologies; and
  • Service/maintenance and troubleshooting.

Take a look inside. We are providing more of what you want.

New assignments, too

To make sure we continue providing what you requested, a staff editor has been assigned one of the above “specialty areas.” Here’s the rundown.

1. Among his duties, John Hall is now Business Management Editor. Hall is to provide articles in The News that address business management. If you have a topic you want covered in this area, or you have a business management-related story you wish to get published, contact Hall: 248-244-6417; 248-362-0317 (fax); mailto:halljl@bnp.com (e-mail).

2. Among her duties, Barbara Checket-Hanks is now Service/ Maintenance & Troubleshooting Editor. We know contractors and technicians are always looking to expand their knowledge base, which is why you want more service/maintenance and troubleshooting articles. It is Checket-Hanks’ task to make sure this happens. By all means, if you want a certain topic covered or if you can provide the expertise, contact Checket-Hanks: 248-244-6444; 248-362-0317 (fax); checket-hanksb@bnp.com (e-mail).

3. Among his duties, Greg Mazurkiewicz is now New Products and New Technologies Editor. Mazurkiewicz is responsible for putting together the “What’s New” page and will periodically highlight a new product that deserves separate coverage outside of “What’s New.” Periodically he will also provide an article addressing up-and-coming technologies, technologies that will — or are — changing the course of the hvacr industry. If you have a new product or want more information on a certain new technology, contact Mazurkiewicz: 248-244-6248; 248-362-0317 (fax); mazurkiewiczg@bnp.com (e-mail).

4. Among her duties, Virginia Nowak is now Education & Training Editor. Nowak will provide articles that address education and training, plus keep tabs on important classes and seminars available throughout the United States. Therefore, if you have a promising seminar or training class you want our readers to know about, or you want a certain training or education topic covered, contact Nowak: 248-244-6433; 248-362-0317 (fax); nowakv@bnp.com (e-mail).

5. Among his duties, Thomas Mahoney is now News & Legislation/Regulations Editor. Both of these “specialty areas” are not new to Mahoney, who is the senior member of The News’ editorial team. When there is breaking news to report, Mahoney is on the case — and he will continue in that role. He will also provide reports on important legislation and regulatory issues that affect the contractor. Therefore, if you have important news to unload or want coverage on particular legislation/regulation, contact Mahoney: 248-244-6464; 248-362-0317 (fax); mahoneyt@ bnp.com (e-mail).

We are here to serve you.

Tell us what you think

We are proud of the “new look”News.Let us know what you think. By all means, drop me a line at 248-244-6446; 248-362-0317 (fax); orskaerm@bnp.com(e-mail).

Of course, you can write your approving (or disapproving) remarks on paper, plop the letter in an envelope, and mail those comments to: Letter to the Editor, The News, 755 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 1000, Troy, MI 48084.

Let us know.