The following remarks were made regarding the article “Renewable Resources Could Save American Suburbs,” written by Maria Taylor, business management editor of The NEWS, published May 27.


Considering HVAC Early

This is the second time I have emailed The NEWS. Your article is at a time when the population of our country is going through the baby boom years. I agree with you in principle. The largest roadblock is our representatives. Politicians have never agreed that social security can be fixed by investing in the market or raising taxes. I live in the Atlanta area. Builders in Gwinnett County have been on a building binge. The $300,000 single-family home is going up every year. No thought is given to central cooling and heating in these housing projects. It would be simple to do this. However, if you don’t maintain these central plants, they will defeat themselves over time. Great article. Keep at it — we need bright young people with vision.

Louis Luckey


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Publication date: 7/1/2019

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