The following remarks were made regarding the article “Is Raising Heat Pumps Really Necessary?” written by Robin Boyd, HVAC consultant, published May 23, 2011.



Thank God for this article. I’m just so grateful that it’s available online. I had an incorrect heat pump installation and needed the technical article to give to my HVAC installers as to why it was incorrect and what they needed to do in terms of putting my heat pump up on feet. I wanted to thank your organization very much for having this article available online, and I hope you’ll continue to have it available. It is really the best of several articles that I read and the most thorough. It just gives a great explanation. This guy reminds me of my mechanic that I am very blessed to have, who’s always able to think outside the box and solve mysteries. Again, thank you.

Carol Johnson
HVAC Consumer


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Publication date: 5/13/2019

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