The following remarks were made regarding the article “Program Helps Soldiers Transition to Careers in HVAC, Skilled Trades” written by Maria Taylor, associate editor for The NEWS, published Aug. 27, 2018.

Addressing the Shortage

Congratulations to Daphne Frontz, Jimmy Hiller, Don Miller, Terry Nicholson, and the team who developed and implemented “Transition to Trades.” For over two decades, many in our HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other trades have constantly complained about the shortage of workers. But the people I just mentioned are not just complaining about the matter, they are doing something about it. “Transition to Trades” is a perfect example of where everyone is a winner, including the military; the soon to be veterans who are exiting their service to our country and preparing for civilian life; contractors, and very importantly, our customers.

Ron Smith
Owner, Ron Smith Consulting & Coaching
Cumming, Georgia


The following remarks were made regarding the article “Brand Ambassadors Show the Company’s True Colors” written by Angela D. Harris, business management editor for The NEWS, published Sept. 17, 2018.

We Have Some of Those

Great article! When you mentioned the hot purple trucks, I had to send you one. This is our plumbing division. We had a big market share in HVAC and we wanted to stand out and let people know we now did plumbing and septic pumping. So we elected to go purple. Partly because Alzheimer’s awareness is something we support at our company, and also, plumbers use purple primer and I liked it. Keep up the great work. I like the brand ambassador so much I hired a person to be just that. This position helps us with our marketing and goes out in the communities to be an ambassador for us in all the networking clubs. Works great. I appreciate you and your influence on the industry.

Chris Hunter
Owner, Hunter Supertechs
Oklahoma and Texas


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Publication date: 10/15/2018

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