The following remarks were made regarding the article “Training in as Little as Nine Days Has Technicians Ready to Enter the HVAC Workforce,” written by Nick Kostora, former web editor for The NEWS, published July 16.



II was very concerned about the article I skimmed in The NEWS. The nine-day training article is quite concerning. This trade is extremely diversified. Having an article that suggests nine days of training is all we may need to succeed in this trade, that is a total slap in the face to vocational centers like the one I work for. I work for Kaskaskia College in Centralia Illinois. We, as most schools, are hurting for students. Telling people that nine days of training is possibly sufficient is a total lie. This trade isn’t as simple as learning to operate the garbage truck or drive a dump truck. Truck drivers need more training than nine days.

I am really appalled by this article! If you all want to see a quality program that is HVAC Excellence accredited, give me a shout. I can show your writers that nine days is pure ridiculousness! Poor marketing for our trade. Nine days won’t make a technician. It may make a parts changer, but I don’t teach to be a parts changer. We’re much better than that.

A penny for your thoughts. And I welcome you to do a story on my program. Not a fast track to unsuccessfulness. I can’t agree with this article at all.

Thank you so much for listening.

Mark Kohnen
HVAC Associate Professor
Kaskaskia College
Centralia Illinois


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Publication date: 8/13/2018

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