Editor’s note: The following remarks were made regarding the “R-22 Conversions Increase as EPA Phaseout Tightens Supply” article, written by Ron Rajecki, published Oct. 9 in The NEWS.


No one in their right mind would ever agree to the expense of converting over to R-407c in residential comfort cooling equipment. No honest service provider would even recommend it.

The labor to remove the compressor even once to change oil, along with the rest of the conversion cost, would make it impractical when compared to the cost of replacement equipment.

Given all of the alternatives, such as R-438a, R-427a, R-422b, etc., which do not require changing oil or a metering device, why would anyone opt to use R-407c in residential equipment? Yes, there will be some loss of capacity, but it should be negligible.

In residential [equipment], no one is going to convert an R-22 system that is operating properly. Rather, it will happen when the system needs some type of repair to the sealed system, converting over along with the repair.

Any service provider who is being honest with the customer will advise the customer as to conversion or replacement based on the condition and age of the equipment. Systems that are old, in poor condition, improperly installed, or have extensive leak history or air flow problems should not even be considered for conversion. And if the customer still wants to proceed, the honest service provider will refuse, knowing that it would be a disservice that will result in many call backs.

Larry Steffes

Technical analyst

Appliance Service Group

Melvindale, Michigan

Publication date: 10/30/2017