Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made regarding the “My Two Cents: The Customer’s Always Right, Regardless Who’s Wrong” column, by Butch Welsch, published April 6 in The NEWS.

Building HVAC Relationships

I want to express my appreciation for a great article. I felt your comments relative to the expectations of consumers and the importance of contractor/distributor/manufacturer relationships were spot on. I can tell you from first-hand experience that you are absolutely correct — manufacturers appreciate fairness in all transactions. And, when problems like the current rust inhibitor issue come up, we know which contractors have been fair and honest with us in the past versus those who continually attempt to go around the system.

Matt Lattanzi
Director of warranty management
Nortek Global HVAC
O’Fallon, Missouri

Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made regarding the “Confessions of an HVAC Editor” article by Kyle Gargaro, published March 16 in The NEWS.

A Shift Forward

We manufacture furnaces and air conditioning units and have been really focusing on finding the contractors that recognize the need to buy the right-sized system that can perform with longer cycles at a lower cfm, which gives homeowners the best comfort levels rather than just selling an oversized unit that will have short cycles that are not long enough to even heat the furthest room from the furnace. The industry is shifting, and we are seeing more and more progressive-thinking contractors.

Jonathan William
Director of client development
Quebec, Canada

Publication date: 5/25/2015 

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