Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made on The NEWS’ group, The NEWS Network, on LinkedIn, about the Department of Energy (DOE) declaring it temporarily won’t enforce the regional standards for nonweatherized furnaces.

Get It Right Already

I agree with the finding, but am concerned, as are others, about the rule. As the article [“DOE Elects Not to Enforce Regional Standards,” April 22] states, uncertainty hurts business plans and relationships with customers. Hopefully those of us affected will copy the article and attach it to an email to their congressman/senator for attention and investigation. Ask them to put pressure on DOE to get it right already.

Joseph Kokinda
Professional HVAC/R Services Inc.
Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area


When Will it End?

It sure would be nice to find out when this back and forth will end. Like [Joseph Kokinda’s] comment, [I agree] it hurts sales, business plans, and relationships with customers.

I am in favor either way, but the government should not be involved in this at all. Canada did this many years ago, and it all works fine in the Great White North selling nothing but 90 [percent] plus [AFUE] units.

Bob Weber
HVAC Sales Manager
Bender Plumbing & Heating Supply
New Haven, Conn.


Editor’s Note: The following remark was made on The NEWS’ group, The NEWS Network, on LinkedIn, about how business is going so far this year.

Company’s Rebound Started Last Summer

My business began to rebound in August 2012, and we have seen a steady increase month by month to the point that we moved our operations to a newer, larger facility in December. This move was 10 months ahead of our current lease expiration.

I attribute this increase to three things: 1) professionals have realized that our current economy is the new normal; 2) a management change within the company to a younger, more aggressive team; and 3) an aggressive social media campaign. We have not just increased square footage, but have invested $700,000 in new equipment.

Terry Roden
TECO Metal Products
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Area

Publication date: 5/6/2013 

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