This letter addresses the topic of high-performance buildings, in response to the question, “Do you have any predictions for what is next on the horizon for the high-performance market?”

Prediction: Factories to Focus on Efficiency

I think we will see an increase in GDP for the U.S. over the next several years, and I think we will see more factories focusing on efficiency. That will come from a couple of different avenues. One of them is going to be reducing power consumption while increasing product output.

Sounds crazy, right? I recently completed a project where the upfront cost was $65,000 (all numbers are rough estimates). The end user received an $18,000 rebate from the power company for completing the project. The project consisted of the retrofit application of almost all of their HVAC equipment, schedule control of two existing large air compressors, the installation of isolation valves on select air lines used for purging during manufacturing, and the addition of a couple of VFDs on existing process machinery motors. The end result: an 18 percent decrease in power consumption, with a 33 percent increase in production. When I asked the energy coordinator for this company what provoked them to pursue an EMS and to be more energy efficient, he responded, “Our customers asked us what we were going to do to lower our prices this year?”

The numbers speak for themselves.

Jack Floyd
Controls & Automation Specialist
Charlotte, N.C.

This letter addresses state-by-state HVACR incentives, in response to the question, “Are there any incentives that are specific to your state that have proven beneficial?”

Incentives Furthered Through Licensing

Florida is served by multiple utilities, and energy conservation and rebate programs vary. The utilities support the licensing efforts by requiring installing contractors to provide proof of license. Gov. Rick Scott is very pro-business and is seeking every opportunity to support business. I think the best way to look at all governing bodies is not to let them stand in the way of growth. After the election, we adopted an attitude of “in spite of,” because we are going to grow and profit in spite of the political climate.

Ken Bodwell
Leadership team member
Innovative Service Solutions
Orlando, Fla.

Publication date: 4/1/2013