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Don’t Forget to Get a Good Lawyer and CPA

In today’s business environment, a good lawyer and CPA with strong political connections is a must. The reality is that good planning will get you only so far; the right connections will get you there much faster. This is my five cents on the rotten state of affairs.

Mikhail Solow
Energy Conservation Manager
Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Area

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Certification in Other Fields Has Lead to Better Pay

I am a registered nurse and an HVAC professional. I have been in both fields since the early ’70s. My experience is that when professional nursing implemented certifications, our wages grew.

My observation from the auto industry is that when certifications became standardized and recognized, those that had the certifications began making more money than those that did not. The shops that have certified technicians command more money for their services, so they can provide better pay and benefits.

Our industry will demand higher prices, pay better wages, and offer better benefit packages when we take certifications more seriously.

Joseph Watkins
HVAC Sales Maker
Air Depot
Houston Area

Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made on The NEWS’ group, The NEWS Network, on LinkedIn, on the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) and how it is affecting HVACR businesses.

I Am Now a One-Man Show

I already have made changes. California regulations and pending Obummer care has made employees of little or no value to my business.

I am now a one-man show with less hours and a higher net, my job as a business owner is to operate in the black. It is kind of sad seeing my competitors struggle.

Bobby D. Jones
Bob’s H.V.A.C. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Chico, California Area

Publication date: 3/4/2013