Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made on The NEWS’group, The NEWS Network, on LinkedIn. These comments are concerning Joanna Turpin’s article “Regulations Burden Contractors,” Oct. 15, 2012, on the costs to small businesses to comply with government regulations.

Improper Work Costs the Consumer More

Maybe the better question is: Are government regulations burdening your clients and society? The real burden is what several [other respondents] have alluded to: unlicensed contractors and those who are licensed but continue to ignore the regulations. The end result is that improper work costs the consumer more in the long run and adds costs to society as a whole because we all have to pay for industry reputation.

Elaine Powers
CEO and Controller
Q. T. Contracting Inc. and Powers Heating & Air
Greater Atlanta area

It’s Poorly Applied Regulation

Consistently (and dramatically for the ground-source HP option I represent) cutting corners yields poor system operating and longevity results.

Sadly, the wing-ding unlicensed contractor is not only beating out the licensed/responsible contractor for the sale, but he/she is also destroying the industry by filling the market with crap installs that don’t perform at or near what the systems are rated at.

In my opinion, it isn’t too much regulation — it’s poorly designed/applied regulation.

It’s already a Wild West show in the field, where even manufacturers are encouraging DIY installs due to short-term profit motives.

Developing policy and regulation that is efficient and encourages the install community to join up and play fair is the answer.

Regardless, the marketplace will pick winners and losers in the long run. Thoughtfully regulated and/or self-policing industries will be found in the winner’s circle eventually, just ask Darwin!

Martin Orio
V.P., Business Development
Water Energy Distributors Inc.
Greater Boston area

Publication date: 11/19/2012