Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made onThe NEWS’group,The NEWSNetwork, on LinkedIn concerning contractor and customer experiences with ductless systems.

These are Exciting Times for Ductless

From our perspective (in Scotland) ductless systems have been the most popular form of commercial cooling. Only in applications whereby a wider area has to be cooled, a ducted FCU will be considered; other than that, cassettes and wall-mounted units are the most widely selected.

I realize the growth potential for ductless systems in the States is massive and has yet to really bite. Exciting times for a/c contractors in the States; I think we’ve had our peak over here.

Brian Drummond
Director, B-DACS (Air Conditioning) Ltd.
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Make Your Customer Happy

Mini-splits are an incredible way to increase profits. We sell them and have come to realize the labor cost of the installation is very low. Two guys can be done in about four hours after pulling a good vacuum.

They also are very adaptable. We put eight heat pumps in a church that never had a/c. And in the wintertime, [the church] never turns the boiler on anymore.

It’s just another way to make your customer happy.

Timothy Schulcz
Owner, Motz Heating and Cooling
Cincinnati area

Publication date: 3/5/2012