Not Acting on Health Care Will Decrease Profits

To answer Angela D. Harris’ question [in her blog “What’s in Nancy Pelosi’s Little Black Book?” March 8] about health care reform, I think it is necessary that we start some reform. We all agree that status quo is not sustainable. We have a population that is growing, that is growing older, and that is becoming more obese and unhealthy, and that means that health care costs will rise.

We also have close to 40 million uninsured including the illegal immigrants. I think it makes perfect sense to bring these 40 million into the pool and share the costs. After all, we share the benefit of treatment if we go to the emergency room.

I also think we need to take a proactive approach to this issue by starting to deal with the problem now, instead of postponing it. Otherwise, I am afraid we might have a health care crisis meltdown, like the one we experienced in 2008 with the financial institutions.

We also need to make sure that our kids grow healthier and the obesity is decreased. These go hand-in-hand with health care reform.

All my employees have insurance coverage. I see health coverage as a responsibility since I care about the well being of my employees. I have seen the insurance costs rising through the years and I am convinced doing nothing will make those costs rise and my profits fall.

Julian Gogonis
A STAR Air Conditioning
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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Publication date:03/29/2010