Presidential Candidates Won't Change High Oil Prices

[Editor’s note: The following letters are in response to Mark Skaer’s blog, “Skaer-Tactics: McCain or Obama? Let’s Start the Debate,” June 16.]

McCain Nor Obama Know About Business

I hope Mark Skaer had his tongue in his cheek when he wrote this and was just trying to stir up some comments.

We are an oil-based economy and will be for some time to come. All the problems he listed are the direct result of the high oil prices.  It has mainly been the Democrats, and especially the left wing of the party, in Congress who stopped us from building refineries and drilling for oil. They also stopped us from building nuclear plants.

We still have the strongest economy in the world and we will recover eventually regardless of who is elected. It will take longer with Obama because of his liberal bent.

We will drill for oil and we will build nuclear plants because we must, and Congress will get with it and clear the path.

I am disgusted with McCain and feel whoever is elected, we will end up with a liberal president. Neither one knows a damn thing about business. More rough times are coming, and the next president will more than likely serve only one term. I’m having trouble deciding which side of the bridge I want to jump off of.

Pat Rucker
Entech Sales & Service

Smooth Talkers Won't Solve Problems

Is Mark Skaer from San Francisco, Calif.? [An unemployment rate of] 5.5 percent is no leap and there is always change; what you make of it determines whether it’s good or bad.

Democrats and environmentalists caused the oil problems. Our heat pump sales increased due to higher heating oil prices.

Smooth talkers won’t solve our nation’s problems, people like T. Boone Pickens Jr. [oilman and author of the Pickens Plan, which promotes alternative energy sources - wind and natural gas - to reduce the United States’ use of oil.] will and he’s 80.

Federal and state representatives working for the interest of our nation, and not parties, have the ability to get us through any crisis.

Barrie Miller
HVAC Sales
Weinstein Supply
Willow Grove, Pa.

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Publication date:08/04/2008