With the January issue of Distribution Center magazine, you will hopefully notice and appreciate a slightly new look for HARDI’s official publication.

We purposely kept the changes modest so that the “feel” of the magazine that you’ve been reading for several years is still comfortable. Yet, everyone in business today faces the question of how you can improve what you do.

We at the magazine have done the same. As we discussed the changes, someone raised the question of whether we were doing this just to make a change … in short, to keep busy,

We are plenty busy and what drove our goal with these modest changes was the desire to make the magazine more interesting, readable and give it a look that had some “pop.” But, again, content and ease of reading were the main criteria.

During most of my professional life, I’ve known that journalists can often hold a belief of what you, the reader, really wants. The truth is we are often unsure. We get a sense of it when you compliment us on an article. We also listen carefully to any criticism or suggestions that we receive, which frankly, is too infrequent.

Plainly put, tell us what you think about the magazine. Tell us what you would like for us to continue, and even more important, offer suggestions or ideas for improving the magazine. We really listen. I should also mention that the kudos for the new look go to the magazine’s designer Nicole Altizer. I think she did a superb job. I hope you will too. Let me know what you think.