In the HVAC world, keeping up with product technology seems to be a larger priority than keeping up with marketing technology.

After all, you and your staff want to make sure you’re up to speed on the ins and outs of the latest models, which allows you to continue delivering stellar service to your customers.

This familiarity and proficiency, such as taking classes and studying online, can also be useful in attracting new customers as well. After all, every homeowner wants their equipment to perform efficiently and reliably.

But if you’re serious about attracting new business, you’ll also want to look into how to be efficient with your marketing outreach efforts and get the word out as widely and affordably as possible, even if the world of promotions may be as unfamiliar to you as some of what you do is to your customers.

Good marketing outreach can include a big focus on mobile phones, especially texting.

According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2015, 64 percent of Americans have a smartphone of some kind, up from 35 percent in 2011. Of these, 10 percent use it as their prime communication method — so they don’t have landlines or even Internet access through a desktop/laptop.

Though it’s easy to focus on the young phone owners, since they’re statistically the most active phone owners and users, today’s smartphone owner can be any age — including homeowners who want and need help with their HVAC products and service.

Companies interested in connecting with these customers can try these strategies:


Everyone likes saving money, especially since some HVAC service calls could cost hundreds of dollars. But mobile technology can provide opportunities to save people a certain amount or a percentage. According to Ninja Link Building, 50 percent of U.S. consumers made direct purchases after they received a text or QR code with a coupon. The amount could vary depending on your budget or how often you plan to offer these deals, but should be an appealing figure, and nothing skimpy like 5 percent. But offering a 25 percent discount to a new customer could help build loyalty and make it easier for them to call you back.


You can ask regular customers to sign up for regular texts, provided you give them something useful in return. Discounts would certainly be appreciated, but they also could appreciate tips on using their systems more efficiently and suggested service schedules, maybe occasional newsletters, or reminders for regular service. The same study also said that 90 percent of mobile users who were part of a SMS loyalty club felt they benefited from the experience.


Start by inviting customers to send texts when they want/need service, then confirm the details by text. Rather than the typical long wait time of “sometime between 10 and 3,” that people sometimes complain about, you can have your techs text the customer when they’ve finished the previous job and are ready to head to their home. This can give the homeowner time to get home rather than wait all day being impatient. You can also text follow-up information, such as a link to a receipt, or recommendations on when to call again for service.


If you’re unfamiliar with mobile marketing, it’s a good bet that others in the HVAC industry are too. So that’s why it’s a perfect time for you to learn fast while everyone else is still at the unfamiliar stage. Midtown Miami Magazine says having a strong mobile presence can essentially put your business where you customers are — on their phones. If you text with them regularly, they’ll be more aware of you and familiar with you when they do need assistance.


Have you implemented your own mobile strategy this year? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below.