Every service call is an opportunity to create a repeat customer. Whether your technicians are installing an HVAC system in a new office building or tuning up a residential furnace, it’s important they make a positive impression that lasts for many months to come. You want to make sure that when your customers have HVAC needs in the future, you are the first service provider they call.

Of course the most important thing your company can do to create a loyal customer base is provide top-quality, reliable service. But once a technician has completed his work at a location, it can be all too easy for the customer to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget who serviced their HVAC system, leaving you vying for their business just as you did before the initial service call. How can you avoid this from happening to you? How can you turn first-time customers into repeat business?


Distributing promotional items that are related to your services is a great way to remind customers of who you are and what you do. These items should accompany either the customer’s invoice or, even better, a personalized thank-you note. Of course, we have all been given promotional pens that seem to get lost in a continuous shuffle of office supplies. So it’s safe to say that all branded items are not created equal. Try giving your customers a freebie that also serves as a helpful resource they won’t want to throw away.


Here are a few ideas for unique promotional items to reinforce your company’s branding, while providing value related to your services.

Changeable Copy Post-it Notes

Yes. Post-it notes. But not the regular ole’ note pads that simply contain your logo. You can easily create custom note pads that contain a different message on each sheet. We suggest putting a different home maintenance tip on each sheet of post-its and accompanying the tips with your business logo and contact information. When customers look at the notepad and are reminded of ways to “prepare their heating system for winter” or “how to save money on an electric bill during the summer,” they will be equipped with helpful information to get the most out of their HVAC system. And when it comes time to call on a professional, your name will be top-of-mind for them.

Custom Magnets

Magnets are an example of inexpensive marketing tools that have the propensity to get covered up by pictures and other pieces of paper when used on a customer’s refrigerator. Try establishing a stronger connection between your promotional items and your services by making large, reference magnets to be affixed to customers’ furnaces or a/c units. Customize these magnets to provide such things as routine maintenance tips. As with the post-it notes, reference magnets will serve as a helpful HVAC resource for your customers while reinforcing your company’s branding.

Instructional Posters

To target your commercial customers, we suggest creating a freebie that will help address the common problem of office temperature. Unfortunately, one temperature does not fit all. In many offices, this leads to frequent adjustments being made to the building’s thermostat, and not all personnel will be familiar with a thermostat that differs from the one in their home. You can help alleviate this confusion by creating a small poster with instructions or programming common models of office thermostats. Make sure your logo and contact information are prominently displayed on the poster, but try to keep the item reasonably small so that customers will be more likely to place the poster on the wall next to their thermostat.

Combining quality service with relevant promotional items is a great way to further your HVAC company’s brand awareness without breaking the bank. Have you used inexpensive promotional items to attract new or repeat customers for your business? We’d love to hear about it. Share your experience in the comment box below.