Restaurants waste massive amounts of energy. Around 80 percent of all appliance energy use in restaurants is wasted due to inefficient equipment. Part of this is due to the large used equipment market. Manufacturers have developed appliances that are very energy efficient, but due to high restaurant turnover, there is a robust used equipment market. These inefficiencies can cut a large amount of money from a restaurant’s budget

If you’re contracted to maintain equipment at a restaurant, you have a role to play in keeping the restaurant operational. After all, if there is no restaurant, then you have no business. Do you have a role to play in a restaurant’s energy efficiency? Yes. Here’s what you can do.

Educate Yourself about the Efficiency of the Models You Service

New models don’t necessarily mean more efficient models. Study the energy efficiency ratings of the equipment you service. Find out what makes them efficient. A good place to start is looking at the Energy Star models first and find out what features they have compared to other models. As a technician, you’ll have a better understanding of this than a restaurant owner.

Encourage Your Customers to Have Their Equipment Serviced Regularly

Another source of energy inefficiency is unmaintained equipment. Encourage your customers to have their equipment inspected regularly for problems. During inspections, go the extra mile to find electrical faults, dirty gas lines, and other energy-sapping faults. If there are simple things that your customers aren’t doing, then tell them how to do it.

Educate Your Customers about Better Options

You don’t have to sell the latest and greatest equipment, but if you have the data to show how much money they could save by getting a better piece of equipment, then do so. There’s no reason that unit from 1990 should still be in operation.

If you can help your customers save money and keep their equipment in good order, your customers will be satisfied and stay in business longer. Energy efficiency is a huge trend in new restaurant equipment. Help your customers get on the bandwagon with a little education.